Match Report
King's Rochester Boys-U14A vs  Duke of York's Royal Military School
On: Tuesday, 08 Feb 2022
Venue: Away

It was a long and windy road up to the Duke of York’s royal Military school, but we approached the playing fields with determination and energy. Since we had only played one match this season against Skinner’s school, we were feeling a bit naive towards playing 11 aside full pitch matches, I would say we felt a bit like a baby coming out and experiencing the wonderful world for the first time.

The match began and we were playing strong as we moved the ball well and although the Duke of Yorks had a good midfield, we managed to play around them. Sadly, Duke of York somehow overcame our immense, powerful defence and slotted in three goals in the first half, Although we were losing we kept our heads up and played on with more dedication than ever. We were playing quick on our feet, Charles Barnard made some brilliant play making passes and kept the game alive and Jack Pearson and Laurence Tubb played quickly off of the 16’s so Duke of Yorks didn’t have the time to reposition and the our majestic midfield could choose to play it to our strikers and wingers. The second half went well for us, since we kept much more possession of the ball than we did in the first half and the whole team put in the effort to defend and then counter attack and Ludo Temple even slipped the ball through to Ralf Jungling who had a shot on goal and scored thanks to his shooting practice before the game. Throughout the game we had lots of close chances on goal thanks to Jack, Charles, Ralf, Ludo and Jeffrey. Since it was Jeffrey’s first time playing Hockey this year I was thoroughly impressed with his work and contribution towards the team. Aryan, Charlie and Jethro played well to block off any chances the opposition got out in the wings of the pitch, they managed to close them down to the middle of the pitch. Particular mention goes to Charles Barnard for some brilliant playmaking and taking the role of Centre Midfield when Ludo Temple came off for an injury. The Man of the Match goes to Alexander Taylor for some outstanding saves in goal and some exceptional clearances. Well done Alex. I’m really pleased with our improving hockey and we are positive for the next game coming up. The end result of the match was 4-1 to Duke of York's Military school.